The Science

Dr Harry

The Science

At Truth Origins we’re lucky enough to have a medical doctor on our team taking on the role of Scientific Director.

Dr Harry researches the most effective plant based supplements, analyses the science, and navigates through the jargon to ensure Truth Origins is at the scientific forefront of the supplement industry.

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Dr Harry is a family doctor in Australia and has also worked in the UK, Europe and the United States. Before he obtained his medical degree, Harry did a Masters and Ph.D. looking into the effects of nutrition on brain development, bodyweight and blood pressure. Throughout his working career as medical doctor, university professor, and scientist, Dr Harry has committed his life to improving human health.

A Breakthrough in Bioavailability

A Breakthrough in Bioavailability

Scientists and nutritionists have been trying to improve the bioavailability of vitamins and supplements for years. How can we get more of the good stuff through the gut and into the cells that need them most?

The answer lies in some ingenious biochemistry - by which we have made our Curcumin, Omegas and Vitamin C formulations truly water soluble.

Nutrients that are water soluble are able to pass through the gut and into the bloodstream far more easily than those that aren’t. The end result is that much of what is consumed ends up reaching the cells in the body. This is the ultimate goal.

Why nutritional claims are so confusing

Should you wait for things to be "scientifically proven"?

The supplement industry is often criticised for claiming their products are "scientifically proven" So why don't they scientifically "prove" their products?

Dr Harry explains the difference netween 'scientifically proven' and 'observational research'... you may be pleasantly surprised!

We’ve Set High Standards



Safety is our highest priority. We assess the best of the evidence and guarantee that all of our products are plant-based, safe to consume and are manufactured and purified without the use of petrochemicals.



Our products are supported by sufficient scientific evidence to suggest a benefit for human health and function. That's why we only offer three proprietary products at the moment, with more in development.



We cleanly extract these incredible plant compounds and won’t add any petrochemicals, fillers, or synthetics. We are pioneers in clean nutrition.

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Luke W.

"I’m am so impressed with all of Truth Origins products. You can see that they are made with quality.... I’m also impressed that this is a company with credibility with the data to back it up. Keep up the great work Truth Origins!"

Cecilia M.

"You can email them and they respond fairly quickly. The curcumin tastes very pleasant indeed. Product was posted very quickly after order. Starting to feel the effect of reducing inflammation in my body both in my muscles and my gut. Will be ordering again."

Christina A.

I have been taking curcumin now for three months and the difference for me has been substantial. My joint aches have diminished significantly. Getting the product has gone each time without a hitch, so would I recommend it? Absolutely